Updates, Influence Contest, Discord and more!

Hey Mistplayers! We’ve got some exciting news for you!

First of all, we have just launched our official Discord server! Come say hi at http://mistplay.co/discord. We love chatting with our users and we want to hear what you think about Mistplay! We want this to be a place where people can come and have fun and be themselves. Come share your videos or talk about your favorite mobile games; you’ll also be the first one’s to know about any of our giveaways, tournaments, updates and contests!

We have some really exciting updates coming soon, we are making our app better than ever and changing the way you use MISTPLAY in order to make it much easier for you to get your rewards! Soon you will be able to get many more points per game and you will be able to get rewards much faster. You will also have many more games to choose from, exciting stuff!

…Earlier I mentioned a contest, boy do I have a surprise for you! Keep an eye out for my next blog post, it will include the rules of our contest and will show you how YOU can win a new Blue microphone, a 1080p webcam and maybe even land yourself a sponsorship opportunity with MISTPLAY!


Make sure to follow us on Twitter! @mistplayapp. If you are a content creator with under 10,000 subscribers and are looking for some new equipment, please join us on Discord to find out more about our upcoming contest. Keep an eye out for the official rules coming soon!


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