How to Get Any Steam Game for Free

OK so, you’ve spent all your lunch money on STEAM and now you’re hungry? Well, I’ve got good news for you: no more skipped lunches necessary. We’ve figured out four easy steps to getting any STEAM game for FREE.

We built this new game testing app, called Mistplay, where we reward you to play games and give your opinion about them (yes, I’m serious). For example, if you spend about 25 minutes playing and reviewing games on Mistplay, we’ll give you a $5 Steam gift card. It’s that simple.

I know it sounds awesome and you must be really excited by now, so I’m going to jump right into how to become a MISTPLAY game tester:

Step 1: Go to and subscribe to the Beta waitlist for iOS or Android.

Step 2: You’ll get an email invite within 24 hours to the Beta for iOS. Android will take a little longer because the beta app is still being built.

Step 3: Follow the Beta instructions in your email to install Mistplay on your iPod, phone or tablet.

Step 4: Launch Mistplay, play any game you like for about 5 minutes and answer the short survey about your experience. Repeat this 5 times and you’ll get enough points to claim your first $5 Steam gift card!

That’s all! You’re welcome 🙂

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